The Annunaki Saga -Part 17.5 -Let’s take a break to reflect

If it’s the first time that you’re reading this saga, please go back to the number one and read your way through here. This Saga was introduced by Bertus from the “Caminando el Sendero” channel (Spanish only) on YouTube and we adapted and presented here in English with his knowledge.

Before we move on to the Part 18 in our Saga, we will take a break to reflect on some facts up to this moment, especially in the past few episodes where we had the final battle between Atlantis and Lemuria.

Now we begin a new phase in this planetary odyssey saga. At this time to find information about it becomes a difficult task and it seems that in many subjects we can only scratch the surface. Anyway, during this saga we have been able to construct a minimum of lines for a better understanding of a theory that can be our true history as mankind.

This obscurity especially about Atlantis also occurs with people under regression hypnosis, where there are many accounts of Rome, ancient Egypt, and others, but there are hardly any relevant accounts of Atlantis emerging. This denotes that it has not only been erased from the history books, but there is also something like an energy barrier. Yet it is clear to the occult powers that control mankind that hiding and manipulating our true history is a basic strategy for maintaining its power.

Certainly we could have separated the first 17 chapters into a separate block, since as we have seen, the second and devastating Lemur-Atlantean nuclear war put down Earth adamic projects. Although there have been survivors who have a great knowledge of the subtle energies, they would never return to their splendour, nothing would ever be the same.


If you have read all the chapters so far, you will see that this is more than a pastime. It goes far beyond spending time listening to stories, entertainment and doing a retrospective we realize the massive volume of information. Many have said that somehow they already knew it and that somehow they already lived it. The sensation is the same one that motivates researchers trying to put together this puzzle: the eagerness to remember something that has been deleted from our records when reincarnating, but that our intuition tells us that we were there, that we saw and lived it. Something deep within us is constantly reliving memories and we are being aware now of all these realities in all timelines.

Since that time as we know it may not exist and it only functions in a constant way in this three-dimensional (or 4D) reality, all these feats could be happening right now, relatively at this very moment. So you are there now, and what you feel is your cellular memory that connects you with your higher self and it knows perfectly all of these parallel realities (present, past and future) and you also know it deep down on you.

We saw as a premeditated diversion of increasingly dense groups of souls, especially these souls of low vibration, the maldequians, combined with the new groups of Tao Seti, Capella and Boronak, eventually reduced Lemuria and Atlantis into pieces, after having lived hundreds of thousands of years as a golden age. This was the goal, literally; here they are embodying people who should not.

When you see bullies, delinquents, people of violent tradition or ethnicities of very unfortunate behaviour, we have the exact example of what is said in this saga. This may sound even racist, but it is explained with a practical example for sure. Everyone knows someone, including family members, that has deplorable behaviour, without values, people who even enjoy the pleasure of causing harm to others and, on the other hand, we also know companion animals, usually dogs and cats, of a much more good-hearted than those unfortunate people we were talking about.

This on a planet of normal evolution does not occur, as the process of spiritual ascension goes through the first dimension of the minerals, the second of the animals and the third of ours, and it is not in any way that a third dimensional being (4D) moves energies denser than a being of a more primitive evolution. Unless it is clear that the reincarnation process is involved as is the case with our quarantine planet.

It is possible that some of these degenerate souls are the result of miserable lives of abuse, but most come from this large Maldequian group. It is only said that these groups can spend thousands of years incarnating without learning practically anything. Now, as the incarnation on this planet, which was planned by the planetary Melchizedek Caligastia, was not by chance. The Archons who influenced them knew perfectly well what they did and succeeded in getting the Maldequian souls who smashed their planets into stupid wars to end the Lemur-Atlantean civilization.


After this reflection, it would be best to take a brief inventory of the state of affairs at this time point, from 60 to 70 thousand years before Christ, which was the time when  those civilizations destroyed each other.

We saw how the Atlantis prepared for the asteroid’s impact in the face of Lemurian’s repeated refusal to cooperate in coordinating an interception plan. The Atlantians built a network of underground bunkers in all haste, both on the Atlantic continent and in their American colonies. One of them was in the area of ​​Ecuador, the famous “Cova de los Tayos”.

Once impacted the asteroid in the full Atlantean continent, they were enraged with the Lemurians for not cooperating and a thermonuclear reprisal began. The Cova de los Tayos is more than likely to have been used in the midst of war as a zone of intraterrain escape by these human from Atlantis who lived in these colonies. We also pointed out that in central and northern America, there were human colonies surviving the first nuclear war between Lemuria and Atlantis.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, these peoples have developed independently to the level of a licit and advanced industry as we can find in Europe. Hence human remains are found over 200,000 years old, which were literally buried and hidden by mainstream science.

These same survivors of the first war, the Cromagnon man, were no more than radiant mutated giant Aryans who emigrated in time to hyperborean zones in the north where today is Greenland, which at that time was a verdant woodland and consisted of few tribes of hunter-gatherers, who enjoyed vast territory and resources for them only. They had a simple life with few illnesses and remarkable longevity.

They lacked material wealth, but they did not lack them either, and lived their lives with a type of cultivation very different from ours. They were united with Nature, and over time developed an advanced industry and a complex social organization, giving specializations by gender, typical of the cultures of the Cromagnon, which made the species much more productive.

This possibility of being specialized and this complex social organization made them a group much superior to the Neanderthal, that as it was later seen in Europe, many years later were not able to compete with the new race that invaded its continent, so much that they were doomed to the extinction . They also had a taste for the arts and paintings we now call “rock paintings”.

We also saw that the self-appointed Annunaki gods had divided the territories between the different factions. The tension between them was constant and the Archon influence had found space between them and had become the majority in idolatrous puppets, avid of power and increasing cruelty.

We saw how about 200,000 years ago, or maybe even something back in time, the Annunaki had modified the genetics of the elves for fear of being overcome by them. They created a being deprived of their extra-physical abilities, a controllable being, that is our present human race.


We had already said that Enki and some Annunaki factions were not in agreement with them, but that they had no way but to abide by the orders. This in turn made a master move. Enki did not destroy our remaining 10 DNA helices, he just unplugged them expecting that it would reach a high vibrating moment to the planet and that this DNA would wake up and help itself in a hypothetical evolutionary leap. That was his hope, since our species was left with only two DNA helices as mere survivals.

This first sapiens race was the dark skin colour race that had proliferated in Africa for thousands of years, but curiously, official science indicates that around 67,000 years ago there was a progressive migration from Africa to Eurasia.

Again we saw that the key date of around the 60-70 thousand years ago is repeated successively at some points in history. The Annunaki provoked these migrations, since deep down they wanted the greater territory possible occupied by its human slaves so they could govern like gods. In this way, they occupied most of the territories possible with their slaves. This is also because they knew that the federation would not attack this new race that was seen with pity, in addition to saying that they had almost disappeared with the Lemurians and the Atlanteans.

From these time on, there was freedom for the sapiens to expand. Thus, homo sapiens, with the process of adapting thousands of years to the different climates of the Earth that they were occupying together with some small genetic touch or taste of each Annunaki faction, were descending from the original primitive dark skin race to the different races that we know today.

The European territory was inhabited by tribes of Neanderthals, also fruit of the genetic mutation of the Pleiadian Atlantean Aryans, due to the radiation of the first Lemur-Atlantean war around 300 thousand years before Christ, and this degeneration was to a great extent larger than the one that hit the Cromagnon.

By studying forensic reconstructions and making comparisons between them, the most animalistic aspect of the Neanderthal compared to the ancient Cromagnon, which would pass unnoticed by us today, without problems, is evident. However, the Neanderthals were a few thousand and the European continent was almost totally depopulated in its entirety.

Next time we will come back with Part 18 of the Saga talking about the arrival of the gods.


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