Teresa Yanaros leaves Full Disclosure Project

Teresa Yanaros, the head and owner of The Divine Frequency, author of the book “What is Magic?” and a very known public figure in the North American “Ascension” movement, announced on a YouTube live last Friday evening that she’s leaving Corey Goode’s Full Disclosure Project.

No one can explain her reasons better than herself and the video is at the end of this text. What I would like to do here is a “reflection of her reflection”.

Teresa explains very well on the video her background, her life story and how she became the new voice of Ascension in North America. She interviewed Corey Goode and his wife, she wrote a book (I know how hard it is, believe me), she’s been the host for many events in the past few months and she really seems to be growing and handling everything really well with her charisma, knowledge and energy.

But “something happened on the way to heaven”.

She mentions the so called Dark Journalist, internet haters, Gaia’s “scandal”, Corey’s patents issue (that were helped by her sister)and so on. By this time you’ve already seen the video. The point is: we are being distracted. She’s being distracted. And unfortunately, it’s working.

I explain.

Every time we expose our opinion on any subject at anytime in anyway we will be criticised these days. Especially when we talk about social media. Even worse if we talk about spirituality and ascension subjects. People are very reactive all over the world – try politics, religion, sports. Pick a subject.

I said that it is even worse when talking about spirituality because there are “dark” forces – if you pardon the irony here – that are working against the raise of the consciousness level of humanity.  They will work even harder if you can reach a larger number of people as Teresa can. They will hit you hard. I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it.

I live in North America but I’m from Latin America with friends, contacts and partners in almost all continents (still looking for some in Antarctica). I follow not only the ascension movement here but in all those other places on Earth and the story repeats itself. I can cite a lot of cases of people you might not even know, but please look at what happened (and still does) with David Icke, the English author. If you don’t know him, you should. It’s incredible the amount of times people have said bad things about him, lots of sabotages in his events and the man is still standing.

When I look at all ascension movements around the world I see the North American one in most danger. Instead of focusing on the message, regardless the attacks and people’s reaction, we are wasting out time on justifying ourselves and responding to every single attack haters do to us. This is a waste of time and energy that should be focus on spreading the real message to whoever really wants to hear it.

David Wilcock once said that he used to spend hours and hours a day responding to this attacks. It’s insane. He did it, Corey is doing it and now Teresa. We are all falling into the same trap.

We have to accept that this message is not for everyone, despite the fact that it is so hard  because we would like very much for the whole humanity to ascend – including friends and family but we know how it goes, right? The ones who are ready to hear the message, will do. The ones who are not ready yet, will ignore you or become “the hater”. Just please ignore them. I know it’s hard – I too have a hard time doing it – but we must focus.

I know this is not the best time to quote Taylor Swift but “haters are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate…”. Nothing we can do. I will also quote Osho to make things right: ” The enlightened have more enemies than the unenlightened, for the blind do not forgive those who see, and the ignorant do not forgive those who know. Be friendly, loving, authentic, innocent without cause is enough to shoot many egos against you.

There’s no way out than ignoring the dark (again, I can’t resist), embracing the good and focusing on your work, Teresa, knowing that you are not alone in this journey. We are all here with you, whatever path of ascension you choose. We are one.

Keep spreading the message, the Love. Let’s focus on the ones who wants to hear us and leave the rest enjoying their free will and whatever comes with it. There’s still a LOT of people who still needs to hear your message.



3 thoughts on “Teresa Yanaros leaves Full Disclosure Project

  1. Hello, I’m French, I wrote a book, I have a site with more than 500 articles and a hundred videos, to awaken people. I had scalar attacks, men in black in front of my house and also a helicopter! Yet I am very zen, because I practice the non-attachment, I do not attach myself to the result of my actions, I remove the comments when it is possible or simply I do not read them, I never look at my statistics, and I have never responded to attacks, I send a lot of love to people who are “against me” because they are the most to be pitied.
    it is not easy to detach oneself from one’s ego. you just have to do your “job” but live in his bubble of serenity, and not worry about others. every soul has chosen his way.


    1. People tell me that I live in a bubble, I don’t mind this because I do!! Remarks made at me and against me fade into oblivion now. I know about the programing and choose to ignore it. I know my job is to enlighten the sheeple, but it’s hard when so many are still asleep. Remember friends, don’t think about the problem, think about the solution.


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