Alliance x Cabal update 01/02/2019

Since our last update on November, 2018 a lot of things happened on the battle between the Alliance and the Cabal. I’ll try to sum up the events from October to December and give the last news from my talk with Rodrigo Romo this new year’s.

First I’d like to start by apologising from not been so active on this channel lately. Between other duties, some spiritual attacks, the launching of my book and the new projects to come in 2019, I’ve been overwhelmed lately. But one of my 2019 promises is to come back stronger than ever.

Enough about me and let’s go with the events. I’ll be as concise as possible. I’t s all about good news finally.

All the heads of the Cabal are captured! But I mean the galactic heads, the big guns. It was awesome to have the confirmation that Sarathen – the head and creator of the negative polarity in this universe – was imprisoned sometime by the end of 2018 together with all of his (or her – no gender at this level) generals while they were trying to invade Unversa, the capital of our local universe and headquarters of the “light” in a very bold and surprising move. Now they will face trial.

This event cascaded into our reality on Earth. One of the most recent clues was the so called “transformer explosion” in New York city. Similar occurrences took place in Kenner, Lousiana and Arizona at the same day and time. Those were the portals of energy opening so some Dracos could make their escape from underground facilities.

According to Romo, the battle against the Cabal is 85% won in our local cluster and about 69% on Earth. More cascade events to come but unfortunately we still have a strong Secret government here and some cosmic rules that can’t be broken such as our free will as a collective consciousness and the prime directive of non interference (that one I can debate). The total victory is imminent.

The solar flash event in this timeline is still being postponed – waiting for more of us to be ready for that to happen. The Earth is still preparing itself for the change and we can expect more volcanoes, earthquakes and all this stuff this year. More than normal, but nothing apocalyptic.

In my opinion, the most exiting event in 2019 will be the space force creation. There must be a lot of minor disclosures going on for that to happen.

I promise to be more present this year and I’ll bring in some more news as soon as I get it – my book will be ready in English in Feb so stay tuned. I’ll also come back with the Annunaki Saga.




3 thoughts on “Alliance x Cabal update 01/02/2019

    1. Hahaha Lee, neither me or Rodrigo play those games. I just think it’s logical that they take names from the teal world like others such as Lucifer.

      My book is much simpler. You can have the description at

      Thank you!


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