The “John of God” case with Laura Eisenhower

Please check below the interview that I gave to Laura Eisenhower together with the whistle-blower Amy Biank regarding the John of God’s case.

John of God is a Brazilian spiritual leader, famous worldwide – he was visit by the Clintons and Oprah, that is being accused by more than 250 women (from 8 to 67 years old) of sexual harassment.

He is in jail since December 2018 as the Brazilian justice considered 17 testimonies to be true (they can only consider the last 6 months as per the local law – explained in the video). They also found illegal weapons, emeralds and millions of dollars in cash from different currencies in many of his properties.

In the video below we discuss the legal aspects of the case, some inside information on the investigations and accusations, the spiritual aspect of it, an impressive testimonial from Amy – who have been there many times and saw a lot going on – and how we should stop looking on the outside while we have all the power on the inside.

A powerful insight on the potential consequences of giving your power away to others due to idolatry, an important step towards justice to the victims and a crucial effort for that not to happen ever again.



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